Pretty in Purple + Pink Wedding in Midland, MI: Albert + Leah

Leah and her bridesmaids blotted their lips and curled their hair. Albert and his groomsmen had a few celebratory toasts and fashioned their pocket squares after some helpful guidance from YouTube. As the cloudy day at the Midland Convention Center progressed, the anticipation and excitement heighten as family began to fill into the ceremony seats.   

Leah's grandmother had a perfect view at the front as her granddaughter glided up the aisle towards Albert, and she couldn't contain a look of awe and love as Leah walked forward.

Laughter and tears cracked through the friends and family in attendance as the couple each exchanged personal vows which were then sealed with a kiss. Words of hope and long-forgotten stories were shared during the reception toasts and crazy fun dance moves were heavily encouraged throughout the night.

Leah and Albert I wish you so much happiness and success in your new life together as Mr. and Mrs.!  

Love Always,

Courtney Carolyn