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I'm Just a Girl who decided to go for it


That’s me with my fiancé, Scott, and I’m all happy and smiley because I feel like I have THE BEST job in the entire world thanks to my UH-mazing clients (and Scott is kinda cute to look at too)! Most days in-between photographing weddings you'll find me working in my home office in casual, comfy clothes (no makeup and curly beach hair are company policy!) and listening to Harry Potter on audiobook. If I have a chance to play hookie, I'd much rather be at the lake then a shopping mall. If there's a free weekend on my calendar, there's a strong chance that I'm either at the movies (my day is made if we can go to the Drive-In!), camping in Northern Michigan, or traveling with Scott!

I don't want to feel like a total stranger on your wedding day!

I'm a dreamer, photographer, college grad, mom to my bunny, Darcy, engaged bride-to-be, and a tattooed boss lady - plus I always have my bags packed for my next road trip! I am based out of Detroit, Michigan, but we LOVE to travel. Scott and I are chasing our dreams together and he even works as my assistant and second shooter at every wedding I photograph! I believe in creating genuine relationships with my couples because it allows me to capture those candid stories and emotions on their wedding day - and I won’t feel like a total stranger!

This is an odd mix of who I am, but since we’re friends now, I’d love to know more about you too!


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I believe photography is artful storytelling and I am passionate about getting to know you and your story because I don’t want to feel like a total stranger on your wedding day or like just another vendor you hired. I want to show up on your wedding day as a friend because when we get to know each other like BFFs, I’m able to capture your love story THAT much better!

I will do anything to make you laugh, and I promise I won't make you do awkward poses - I want to capture those messy cake-on-your-face, in-between moments! Those moments that are unplanned and not scripted as well as the timeless portraits. Where maybe your hair isn’t perfect, but the look on your face is pure joy! I want to capture your love’s quirks, your laughs, the beautiful details, and all those romantic and emotion-filled moments throughout the day! My editing style is light, natural, and colorful because I am not muted, dark, or moody.⠀



I’m drawn to couples who want to celebrate their wedding day a little differently! I believe you should create a celebration that represents your unique story and that weddings should be more than just repeated traditions. I believe that you should actually ENJOY planning your wedding! I believe in creating your own traditions. I believe that loving someone deeply is worth celebrating.

I believe in quality over quantity and that your wedding is not just a number on my calendar. I believe in sneaking out at sunset for romantic photos. I believe in paying attention to the pretty details, but that they aren't as important as your love for each other. I believe even simple occasions can feel like true luxury. I believe that family history is meant to be preserved and shared with future generations. I believe in tangible photographs and family heirlooms. I believe in personal touches and elegant, approachable events held in meaningful locations!



I believe in modern love stories with marriages that are old-fashioned enough to last forever. I believe love is an adventure. I believe in doing everything in life, and nothing, on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I believe you should never go too long without watching the sun set. I believe in deep belly-laugh rumbles that hurt your ribs and water your eyes.

I believe our days are happier when we give people a piece of our heart rather than a piece of our mind. I believe in unmade beds and candles on the nightstand. I believe a relationship is like a house - when the lightbulb burns out, you don't go and get a new house, you fix the lightbulb. I believe in sleeping late and coffee shop conversations. I believe in second chances and saying I'm sorry. I believe in miracles. I believe in movies and cuddles on the couch. I believe in doing more things that make you forget to check your phone. I believe in the legacy of love and that love, actually, does exist.


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