what makes me different

I’m sure you’ve got a pro/con list that would put Monica Geller to shame, but I’ll give you peace of mind that every detail related to your photography experience is handled!

Let’s get together (yeah-yeah-yeah) and talk more about what photographs are the most important to you on your wedding day and start creating a plan to ensure every moment is captured beautifully (and where you actually enjoy yourself)!

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I Listen

I want to know you and your story! I want to get to know you as people with an initial meeting, and I want to listen to your ideas and exciting plans. I promise to offer you my very best planning advice, timeline tricks, and to be an advocate for you when need be!

I Plan

I want to make sure you feel as stress-free as possible on your wedding day, and that means I'll take care of planning out all the big, photo-related things together, like the timeline, portrait locations, and groups for family portraits, starting 2 months prior to the wedding!

I'll Treat You Like Family

I believe some of the greatest moments happen and you feel most like yourself when you're in the company of your best friends and family . . . I don't want to feel like a total stranger on your wedding day! I care about getting to know you even better at your engagement session so that on the wedding day you're actually excited to work with me (and are ready for my hugs and comedic jokes)!

I also believe in treating your family like my family, and trust me after 75+ weddings there isn't a sensitive situation that I can't handle!

I do more than take photos

I'm here to help you enjoy every minute of your day. I obsess over the little details on your wedding so you don't have to; like making sure the train of your dress is behaving during portraits and keeping you relaxed with a glass of water or with a reassuring smile right before you walk down the aisle!

On the day of the wedding, I'll also collaborate with the other wedding vendors, from your planner & videographer to your officiant & band, to ensure everyone is on the same page. I want to make sure you are being served to the best of my ability, and I love working with your other wedding professionals as one big team to give you the best day ever!

Capturing meaningful moments that perfectly turn from hilarious to absolutely touching is a given, but I want you to feel taken care of too.

I've Been in your shoes

I know exactly what it feels like to plan for a wedding because Scott and I were married last year! I know how it feels to go through the entire process of getting engaged, finding your dream venue, researching wedding etiquette, refreshing your inbox hourly as you wait for return emails from vendors, and how hard it was sometimes for our families to get onboard with our nontraditional ideas!

I get it and I genuinely want the very best for you and your marriage,so throughout your experience I'll make sure to check in on you and your wedding planning as well as send you a few fun surprises along the way! I am happy to answer ANY questions and promise to always give you prompt email communication.

My number one goal on the wedding day is for you to not worry about your photography. I'll take care of finding the best lighting and locations throughout the entire day and will capture all of the main events as well as the in-between moments surrounding the celebration! It is my top priority for you to be present, enjoy your wedding day, and to keep things lighthearted!

I Belive in heirlooms

After your wedding day is over, I will professionally edit your images, share an extended sneak peek of your day on the CCP Blog, and then you will receive an online gallery full of all your wedding memories within 90 days! There will be HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of high-resolution digital images for you to look through, download, and enjoy.

. . . But I firmly believe that these photos don't belong on your phone. They belong on your walls, in your wallet, and taped to your mirror forever . . . You and your future children deserve to have and to hold onto these photographs as physical family heirlooms!

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they never got around to printing their images or that they always meant to put together a wedding album, but after the honeymoon, life went back to normal and other things took priority. . . I don't want this for you and your beautiful memories! I offer printing options to all our couples and would also love to create a custom wedding album design for you to approve. My leather wedding albums are hand printed and bound over in Italy and are archival quality that will last for generations!



Wedding Coverage

Starts at


Includes 8 hours of wedding day coverage, two photographers (Courtney + Scott), professionally edited digital images, timeline assistance, and a 60-minute engagement session with the digital images!

Engagement Sessions

60 minutes +

Digital Photos



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What are wedding

photos worth to you?

How many times have you heard . .

“If I did it all over again, I would have set aside more time for photos of just us.”

“I wish we hadn’t skimped on our photography budget because we don’t love any of our wedding images. ”

“I’m just not photogenic and I felt awkward and stiff in our photos.”

Thousands of couples each year end up feeling regretful about hiring a newbie, student photographer or having a family friend just take the photos - and sadly, there are no re-dos. This is why I am so passionate about helping couples create a stress-free wedding photography experience where I’ll share everything I learned from documenting 75+ weddings including what to do, what not to do, and everything you never even thought of!

You’ll get as much help and guidance as you need to have a truly amazing photography experience where you receive joyful, romantic, and timeless photographs of your priceless memories!


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a look behind the scenes


Weddings are a “team sport” and I love collaborating with other vendors!

Weddings are a “team sport” and we love collaborating with other vendors!

Fluffing dress trains, pinning veils, fetching flowers, and focusing on the little details since 2014.


Scott and I keep it light, joyful, and fun on wedding days to give you a relaxed experience with an emphasis on you!

Scott and Courtney-2301.jpg

I have the wedding portraits of our parents and all four grandparents hanging in our home - reminding us of the generations of love that was passed down to us. I photograph your day with these frames in mind, the frames that will hopefully sit on your mantel for 50+ years.