Family Focused Wedding Plymouth, MI: Amanda + Josh

Sometimes when you know, you know. Why wait? That was the mantra of the small, family-focused and a little bit spontaneous wedding ceremony of Amanda and Josh. These two are so very near and dear to my heart, and I was so excited to be counted among the handful of immediate family that they decided to say "I do," in front of. I have known Amanda and Josh throughout most of their relationship and am so, SO happy for them!

It was a beautiful fall day for this cozy, little backyard celebration in Plymouth, MI. The idea of the day was simple, yet romantic as these two lives entwined to become one, to follow the same path. A few pictures were captured in the pre-wedding hour, when guests arrived, kisses were exchanged, laughs echoed through the house, and rings were admired all the while the wife and husband to-be would steal glances at one another from across the room.

The ceremony was officiated by a friend of the couple and even though both the bride and groom stumbled over repeating a few lines here and there, they gave their family a good laugh and cry. A feeling of intense love was in the air from those present and from those watching over the celebration. The ceremony was sealed with a kiss and a crunch of a glass bottle under the groom's foot and we all got swept into the house to toast and dot the I's and cross the T's for the state.

Amanda and Josh I am so happy for the both of you and can't say congrats enough!

Love Always,

Courtney Carolyn