Merry Christmas!

When I was young it never seemed like Christmas to me unless there was snow piling on the ground outside and falling softly from the sky. It wasn't Christmas without reading The Polar Express for the 200th time or without sipping hot coco by the wood stove. It just wasn't Christmas without the family movie nights cuddled on the couch or without Andy Williams singing from the car radio while we all drove home after a long day of opening presents with our cousins.

This year it has seemed like anything but Christmas Time. The weather has been in the 50 degree range and rainy (spring weather!). I've rushed from here to there busily going about my work week emailing clients, reaching out to wedding vendors, designing albums, and meeting new clients for their 2016 weddings. I have not heard any bells in the night nor have I really felt any stirring of festive cheer from listening to the softly sung carols. It seemed like Christmas really wouldn't come for me this year. . .

As I pulled into my parent's home on Christmas Eve and saw my family dog, Porthos, my Mom, and my Dad all excited to see me I thought to myself, "It's good to be home." I walked inside the house that I spent so many, many years in to see it decorated as it always was; bright colored lights strung around the tree with cheery little ornaments (some handmade by me and my sister and some that were heirloom bulbs) that would glisten and twinkle, a snowy little village and a manger scene stretched across our family table, and the yummy smell of cookies waited for me.

We woke this morning to homemade cinnamon rolls and gifts tumbling out from beneath our tree. We talked about how everyone was and laughed at silly things while we all sat together around the living room. That's when I felt it. That elusive magic that never needs to be seen and can't be hung from the mantle. It was the spirit of Christmas that I waited for all year and it only appeared to me when my heart felt at home. The spirit of Christmas lives there and I just had to look past all the other stuff.

So I say to you, if you're feeling the Christmas blues, look past the gifts and the lights on the tree, look for the magic you never see. Look for joy, blessings, and all the reasons to believe, because it waits for the sound of families together every Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!!

Love Always,

Courtney + Darcy



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