Meet Courtney

Hi there! That’s me, Courtney, and I’ve been photographing weddings and engagements for 5 years. My husband, Scott, joined my business from the very beginning as my assistant and secondary photographer on wedding days, and we’ve had the honor of photographing 75+ weddings.

“After I graduated from college I decided to chase my wildest dreams, and the funny thing is when one of your dreams comes true, you start to believe all the rest will too.”

I can remember details about every single wedding I’ve photographed because I truly care about who you are as a couple! I’m based out of Detroit, but I’ll happily travel throughout Michigan, to Chicago, and anywhere nationwide for your big day.


And now, the truly important stuff . . .


Give me couples who love what I do & a lifetime of doing what I love together with my husband.

Give me movie dates & champagne served with pizza. Give me slow Sunday mornings & dancing in the kitchen. Give me board games, smoky campfires, & fall colors. Give me reruns of Friends & rereading Harry Potter. Give me snuggles with our bunny & adventure in the great wide somewhere.
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“You’re still here?” - Ferris Bueller

Then it’s NOT over!