Downtown After The Wedding Day Session in Charleston, SC: Jenni + Stevn

On May 18th 2013 Jenni and Stevn said their I dos in an amazingly picturesque church which was surrounded by beautiful trees that drape their limbs in a cascade of leaves towards the ground. With the wedding day hustle and bustle, sometimes a couple just wants to set aside time the day after the wedding to just be together and have a session similar to an engagement session only it's an "After the Wedding Day" session. There can be many reasons for this type of session, maybe they want to take a few portraits on the wedding day, but don't want to spend hours away from the party and family taking pictures, they really want to be apart of their big day, or maybe the weather didn't cooperate with us and or we ran short on time for portraits on the wedding day. In any situation, and After the Wedding Day session can be a great experience because it will allow the couple to fully celebrate their love and to have an afternoon just to themselves taking pictures without worrying about when they have to be here there everywhere.

So without further ado, here are Jenni and Stevn's After the Wedding Day session pictures which took place around downtown Charleston, SC in front of the U.S. Customs House and at the Pineapple Fountain down at Battery Park (where a few local kids enjoy a little dip on the hot days like the day we were there)! I am so in love with the variety of looks Jenni and Stevn could create from high fashion editorial to intimate exchanges that would warm even the Grinch's heart.

Love Always,

Courtney Carolyn

Michigan Winter Engagement at Adrian College: Peter + Laura

The snow crunched as Peter and Laura walked towards the historic, red bricked theatre - a known proposal spot in many of the college's romances. The more modern buildings surrounding Downs Hall Theatre were unusually quiet without the russell of papers or the scratching of pencils as all the students were away on winter break.

The stillness of the Adrian College campus was perfect for Peter and Laura's afternoon stroll as they snuggled and laughed together. Adrian College was the backdrop to their first meeting and the beginning of Peter and Laura's love story while they worked here as college administrators. They decided to honor and commemorate this special place during their engagement and would marry at the college's Herrick Chapel in September.


After a day in the cold, Peter and Laura decided to get dressed up and head to the nearby cozy little tavern. The Main Street Stable and Tavern, which is quite literally an old stable that has been converted, proved to be a unique restaurant and embodied the couple's love of dining out together and trying new things. Peter would tease Laura about the way she said something and she would laugh. Laura would tease Peter right back and they'd both smile while leaning in towards each other as if the small gap in their chairs was too much. 

Although it was freezing, Peter and Laura were champs as I captured some shots at sunset. I am so looking forward to their lake front wedding and can't wait to capture it in the fall!

Love Always,

Courtney Carolyn