The Beginning of a Dream I Want to Remember: Relationships that Inspire

I wanted to take an opportunity on an ordinary day to say just how much I love and appreciate my boyfriend of 3 years, 3 months, 23 days, and about 7 hours, Scott. I didn't know it when I first met Scott, but I am a very lucky girl, and ever since the small, half-naked fairy man shot me with his love arrow (in the figment of my imagination of course) I look back and think about how fast life moves along, and am surprised by how my mindset has evolved. Relationships are rarely if ever easy and it takes most of us a few tries to get them "right". People are always a work in progress, and I am a firm believer in embracing that fact and not trying to box yourself in to being a grown up where everything is as it should be, you make a ton of money, and you get cheesecake served to you every day.

Sorry, cupcake, but life isn't about getting it all worked out and then just kicking back as the money rolls in and you enjoy the scenery. Even if you go into business for yourself and follow your creative passions and are successful, you'll find you won't be doing much relaxing, but will be working hard at keeping the ball rolling. Owning a successful business or being successful is kind of like riding a bike, if you stop pedaling, you stop moving.

So stop thinking that once you get this done, or get that job, or lose that weight, that's when it'll get easier and that's when you'll be happy. Life is happening all around you, right now, right this second and you can't be chasing the potential of your life and miss all the things happening in the present. Am I saying not to have dreams? No. Dreaming is what makes life interesting. Am I saying you should just give up now and live in a hole until the world implodes or is infested with zombies? No. Dreaming leads to wanting more, and wanting more means you can't give up now. All I mean is that have you ever driven home after a long day at work and think to yourself, "I can't even remember driving here."...? Yeah, me too. Guilty as charged. That's my point.

I've been able to learn a lot about myself in my relationship with Scott, and he has the biggest heart and is the world's best cheerleader (despite having spent more time being an offensive blocker in college and high school). I've leaned that you can't take life for granted. You have to be the author of your own story, but you also have to enjoy the journey of that story.

Have a happy day, and tell those you love that you love them everyday, not just when Hallmark says you should.

Love Always,

Courtney Carolyn