The Album Design Process

(Psst! The best way to view, submit changes, & finalize your album is on a desktop!)

Welcome CCP brides and grooms! I am so excited to be a part of this journey with you! Now that you have received the link to your wedding gallery, it's at this point that we can start the album design process!

I believe having physical prints and an album is SO important! I have heard from countless friends and family who have gotten married and years later they STILL haven't gotten around to putting together an album from their wedding day or even had a chance to print any photographs for on the wall! It happens. I can completely understand how life returns to normal, you go back to work, you share the photos on Facebook, and some how printing images or creating an album just gets moved further and further down your to-do list. This is exactly why I LOVE helping you create a tangible product that you can walk away with after the wedding day!

Just think how special it will feel to hold the leather bound album in your hands on your 1 year anniversary vs. huddling around the computer screen! You'll be able to pull out your wedding album at Christmas to pass around to family and you can feel free to flip through the archival quality pages on any given Tuesday when you want to re-live your beautiful wedding day!

I know you will treasure your wedding album always and one day it will be priceless!  

So Let's Get Started!


Album Design Overview (“The Cliffs notes”)

  1. View Your Initial Album Design

  2. Create an "Album Swaps" Favorites Folder within Your Online Gallery

  3. Add Upgrades & Submit Your Changes and Image Swaps to Courtney

  4. Review and Finalize Your Album Design

See the step-by-step details below!


Reminder: One Spread is made up of Two Pages. In a 10 page album example, it will have 5 spreads.


Reminder: Two complimentary rounds of revisions are included in your album design!



Christmas 2018 Deadline: November 9th 2018!!  


All album orders need to be complete and design finalized by November 9th in order to ensure Christmas 2018 delivery.


Step-By-Step Instruction to Complete Your Album Design


View Your Initial Album Design

Follow the custom album link that I've sent to you, log-in with your email address, and view your initial album design! Feel free to click through the spreads to get an idea of how I've laid out the story of your wedding day!

Above is similar to what you’ll see when you view your album design! (This is the first spread you’ll see upon opening your album - click to enlarge.)


Create a New Favorites Folder

within Your Image Gallery

As you view your album, if you see an image that you'd rather not have in the design you can tell me to swap it out for a different image that you prefer! You can also have me move images from spread to spread within the design if you like! The best way to reference exactly which images you’d like me to swap into the design is by creating a new favorites folder within your final image gallery that is only for “Album Swaps.”

Need help creating a Favorites Folder within your final gallery? Watch this video for more details!

Above is similar to what you’ll see after you create your Album Swaps Favorites Folder in your gallery! (Click to enlarge.)



Submit Your Changes & Image Swaps to Courtney

Within your album design you will see a comment box at the bottom of each individual spread/page. On the spreads that you would like me to apply image swaps or design changes to please type out your requests and submit it to me in that comment section! I will then apply those requests and send you the 2nd draft of the album.

In Example: On Spread 12 we would like to swap out image #3 for the image in our Album Favorites Folder of the Bride & Bridesmaids laughing together.

Additional Example: On Spread 12 we would like to switch the placement of image #3 and image #5 around.

Above is similar to what you’ll see when you click on the comment box at the bottom of each spread! (Click to enlarge.)



Finalize Your Album

After you review the revised album layout(s) - you are allowed 2 revisions total - you will finalize the album. To finalize, you simply log-in to your album design, review the layout one last time, and then hit the yellow "Approve Album" button on the upper left side of the album spreads. Viola! I will be notified when your album design has been finalized, and the only remaining info I'll need before sending it out to the lab is your color choice for the leather cover (see options below).

(Click to enlarge.)

It is sometimes aesthetically pleasing to select a neutral, classic color for your album or it is sometimes beautiful if you select a color from the wedding! 



Upgrade Options Available


Your album is available in 2 sizes - the included 8x8" or the bigger 12x12" or 12x16" - Upgrade the size of your album to the 12x12 for $500 and to the 12x16" for $700.

** Parent albums are also available - Two Duplicate 6x6 Copies of your main album - for $500.

(From Front to Back: 6x6, 8x8, & 12x12")


You can always add in more pages! $175 per 10 additional pages. Albums can range from 10 to 60 pages total.


A Die-Cut Image and/or Text is available for the front of your leather album for $150.

Your text can be in gold-foil or as a text impression (seen above, left).



Say Thank You with A Parent Album:

A lot of couples don’t have any trouble picking out their parent’s Christmas gifts the year they get married! Why? Well, parents do so much to make your wedding a dream come true that couples sometimes decided to surprise them with their very own albums on Christmas morning! After the wedding chaos is over and life returns to normal, or if you want to surprise your parents or grandparents with their very own albums from your wedding for Christmas, email me at by November 9th so we can get them ordered!